Concrete Floor Repairing

Cracks and Pits on concrete floors lead to severe productivity loss in manufacturing companies and warehouses. 70% of factories find it impossible to treat concrete erosion and hairline cracks even after spending a significant amount of resources.

Odus treats the root cause of such surface damage to deliver a smooth, dust-free and durable floor. It works by improving the floor surface strength to increase its abrasion resistance.

When concrete floors are treated with Odus:

  • It repairs the existing cracks, pits and other surface damage
  • It stops concrete erosion
  • It gives protection against future surface damage

Early Symptoms of concrete floor damage

  • Floor losing its sheen
  • Visible scratches on the floor
  • Dust emission from the floor
  • Concrete erosion
  • Fine Cracks on the floor

The best time to treat concrete floor damage was yesterday!

As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to treat concrete floor damage. Thus, treatment in the initial phase creates the best results and is most affordable.

A wide variety of surface damage can be treated with Odus:

  • Hairline Cracks
  • Large Cracks
  • Small Pits
  • Large Potholes
  • Concrete Erosion
  • Dust Emission
  • Broadening of grooves

Advantages of using Odus for Concrete Floor Repair

  • Treats existing anomalies on the floor
  • Protects the floor against future surface damage
  • Makes the floor suitable for forklifts and MHEs
  • Long lasting crack repair
  • Repairs cracks without creating any level difference
  • Improves floor life

Save upto 50% on flooring maintenance costs

Companies are saving thousands of rupees per day with our solutions

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