How Hershey’s saved cost on installation and maintenance of a food grade flooring in their manufacturing plant

Hershey India is a 100% subsidiary of The Hershey company. It is the largest producer of quality chocolates in the world. With the vision to bring happiness to the world through chocolates -Hershey is known for high quality and best tasting chocolates. The India operations of Hershey started in 2016, today their chocolates are sold throughout the country.

Industry: FMCG

The Challenge

Being a food and beverage company, Hershey needs to maintain a food grade flooring in their manufacturing plant.

The following 3 elements are needed for a flooring to qualify as “food-grade”:

  • It should not release VOC emissions in the environment

  • It should not allow microbial growth

  • It should be dusting free

They had already tried multiple solutions like VDF concrete floors and PU based floors that promised low VOC emissions.

However, both - VDF and PU floors would damage soon in the heavy manufacturing environment and could not last long enough. Therefore, they were investing significant money in installation of expensive flooring solutions and also a recurring cost for repair and maintenance of these floors.

The team was looking for food-grade flooring that needed fewer resources for maintenance and would last long.

The Solution:

In Odus, we use Concrete Regeneration Technology to produce the desired results on the floor and no new element/ compound is added on the floor.
Therefore, the chemical nature of the floor remains the same as concrete while enhancing its physical properties like- High Abrasion Resistance. More hardness, Less Porosity, etc.

Due to reduction in porosity, any kind of microbial growth is prevented. Resulting in a floor that is:

  • Zero VOC emission

  • Prevents microbial growth

  • Dust free

  • Durable

When the civil engineering department of Hershey's were introduced to Odus floor treatment - they found it a perfect match. However, they have stringent processes and guidelines regarding the construction material to be used in their plants and warehouses.

All materials need to meet international standards followed by The Hershey Company.They ran several tests on Odus sample blocks in their laboratories to check how safe it was for an F&B plant.

After proving to be successful for all their requirements, Odus was implemented in their manufacturing plant.

The Result

To date, Hershey has saved more than Rs 1 Cr on food-grade flooring due to Odus Flooring.

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