How L&T Constructions protected >1 Lac Sq Ft Floor in IIT Hyderabad from cracks

Ranked amongst the world’s top 15 contractors, L&T is the largest infrastructure company in India. They have built landmarks like Mumbai Metro, Motera Cricket Stadium, Several Airports and Institutional buildings of national importance. With over 8 decades of experience and clients in over 30 countries, they are the leaders in construction technology and engineering.
We are proud to partner with construction leaders like L&T for the construction of IIT Hyderabad.

Industry: Construction

The Challenge:

IIT Hyderabad is one of the top engineering colleges in the country. Its foundation is based on research and innovation - which is reflected in its campus design too. The architecture of the 576 Acre Campus revolves around the central theme of Energy Efficiency, Carbon Neutral and Sustainable Architecture. With this architecture theme, they wanted an exposed concrete floor in majority areas of the campus.
Initially, the L&T Team was using concrete polished floors in several buildings of the campus. However, the results of concrete polishing were not upto the mark.
The Floor had rough white patches in several areas.
In some areas, the floor developed cracks and crazing within 2-3 months only.

Even after multiple rounds of re-work, the patches & cracks persisted. Thus failing to give a smooth, reflective and monolithic appearance - as required.

The team was also concerned about the floor durability, as the concrete polished floor had already developed cracks in 2-3 months. The IIT Hyderabad building is supposed to last for decades and a less durable floor could not be accepted.

Several contractors and concrete polishing agencies were invited but none was successful in delivering a good quality, long lasting solution.

The Solution:

When Rezovate was referred to the L&T team, we recommended the use of Odus Flooring in place of concrete polishing.

After a round of rigorous testing by the L&T Engineering team, Odus was accepted as a flooring solution. Our team even treated one of the floors where concrete polishing was already complete. The results showed great difference in the output quality of both treatments

Finally, Odus proved to be a much superior solution - for better quality and durability. Today, we have completed more than 1 Lac Square Feet of floor area in IIT Hyderabad and the project is still under progress.

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