How LG reduced the product return rate in one of its warehouses

LG Electronics is a multinational electronics company with a significant presence in India. With 128 operations worldwide, the company has earned a reputation for bringing added value to the lives of its consumers. Known for its latest technology, high-quality products, and proactive customer service, LG is now a household name in India.

Industry: Electronics/Warehouse

The Challenge

The concerned LG warehouse was facing a severe product return rate from the showrooms. Even after layers of packaging, the products from this warehouse were officiant losses.

The local team had blocked dust from all external sources and ensured cleaning at least 3-4 times a day. But still, dust would accumulate on electronics. The concrete floor was acting as an endless source of dust.

The Solution

After testing the floor, we found that the floor was extremely porous and thus emitting dust. Its wettability quotient was less than 3%, against the desired value of at least 80%.

We suggested densification of the floor’s top layer using Odus Live Treatment.

The unique concrete regeneration technology reduced the porosity of the floor surface. Thus increasing its wettability quotient to 95%.

It resulted in a smooth and non-dusting floor.

The Result

LG warehouse is one of the oldest projects of Rezovate and the floor there is still intact. After the treatment, concrete dusting completely stopped and they observed a significant drop of 85% in product return rate.

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