How P&G stopped dusting in its paper warehouse by treating floor damage with Odus Forever

One of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, P&G is known for its exceptional quality, fair practices, and strict process compliance. Their concern for sustainability ensures that they improve lives for present and future generations. They are deep-rooted in their purpose and values and expect the same from their employees, vendors, and partners as well.

After humble beginnings as a candle and soap maker in 1837, today it has a presence across the world - with 6 plants in India. With more than 180 years of experience, P&G is a trusted brand in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Industry: Consumer Goods

The Challenge

The Paper warehouse is an extremely busy and sensitive part of the Mandideep plant of P&G. It stores huge quantities of paper rolls which are used in Sanitary pads and Diapers. Due to extensive operations, the floor was now damaged in several places resulting in concrete erosion, cracks, and dust. Since the paper was being used in Hygiene products, even the slightest of dust in the paper warehouse was not acceptable by P&G.

They tried to solve this problem by using PU floor coatings, but even high-quality PU coatings (6 mm thick) could not withstand the damage from forklifts. As a result, it needed frequent repair and rework. Apart from the low lifespan of PU floor coatings, it also created a level difference on the floor leading to the bumping of forklifts.

An added challenge here was that the huge stock of paper could not be relocated completely. Thus we had to control any kind of dust even when the treatment was going on.

The Solution

After floor diagnosis, we found that due to repeated damage-repair-damage cycle on the floor, its topmost layer had become weak. Therefore, concrete erosion and hairline cracks were being observed in multiple areas.
Since the relocation of materials was not possible, we treated the floor in 3 phases - concentrating on a different part of the warehouse every time. For controlling dust during the treatment, we sprayed water continuously and used equipment like dust collectors and industrial vacuum cleaners.

The cracks and eroded areas were filled with self-leveling filler compounds that could penetrate the fine cracks and shallow pits made by concrete erosion. The result was a damage-free leveled floor. Although, one could still observe a colour difference in the filled areas and the rest of the floor. The filled areas were dark grey as compared to the light grey colour of the rest of the floor. But the P&G team was satisfied as the resultant floor was functional for their requirements.

To prevent any future damage, we did 3 rounds of floor strengthening with our unique concrete regeneration technology. It increased the abrasion resistance of the topmost layer, thus making the floor suitable for extensive forklift operations and stopping dust from coming out of the floor.

The Result

With Odus Treatment, we solved 3 problems for P&G:

  • Damage of forklifts due to bumping
  • Repeated cost incurred for repair and rework on damaged floor
  • Operational inefficiency resulting from damage on floor
  • Loss of paper rolls due to dust emission from the floor

We are now trusted partners of P&G and have solved several floor-related problems for them. With our flooring solutions, they have saved more than Rs 4 Crores. We are thankful to the P&G team to be one of the early adopters of Odus.

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