Purpose and Passion

Our Vision

To bring operational excellence in the industry with innovative solutions that are environmentally sustainable, functional and long lasting.

Our Values


We firmly believe that a clear conscience is the softest pillow. Every one of us practises integrity and honesty with their family, team, clients, partners and most importantly - oneself.

“Under-promise and Over-deliver” is our mantra when it comes to committing to results - both internally and externally.

Care for Team

Our team is our extended family. We all stand strong in each other’s support in both- professional and personal aspects of life.
It is our collective responsibility that each one of us will fulfil their dreams.

Client Focus

Our solutions, processes and practices revolve around the client. Since majority of our work happens on the client side, we design the solution implementation in such a way that is most favourable to the client’s operations and processes.


The impact of our actions needs to be beneficial for present as well as future generations. Therefore, our products and practices are designed to be sustainable and minimise the damage to nature.

Causes that we care about

Women at Work

We encourage upskilling opportunities and equal pay for the women at work on site. Statistically, unskilled female workers get paid less than their male counterparts. At Rezovate, we pay according to work done and not gender.

Education for site-worker kids

Distribution of books and notebooks is done at the start of every academic year for the kids of site workers. This even extends to themselves and other adult members of their family.

Prevention of Water Pollution

We partner with the municipal corporation of Bhopal to reduce the disposal of religious waste in water bodies. Every year, tons of religious waste is collected and upcycled to products like incense sticks and organic fertiliser.
Our flooring technology also prevents tons of solid waste from Epoxy and PU flooring.

Save upto 50% on flooring maintenance costs

Companies are saving thousands of rupees per day with our solutions

About Rezovate

Rezovate Constructions is a technology-focussed industry maintenance solution provider. Our engineers are expert in durable and robust renovation techniques for Industries and Warehouses. We make maintenance of industries hassle-free so that they can focus on the things that yield highest profit instead of wasting time and energy on inferior solutions that rarely work.

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